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New Britain Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers

Credit card companies and collection agencies are notorious for their unscrupulous and harassing behavior. When individuals fall behind in payments, many are constantly hounded by creditors' calls, letters and threatened lawsuits. Creditors can even go so far as to garnish your wages, take money out of your bank account and show up at your place of employment demanding money you don't have.

​There is help. At the Law Offices of Levine & Levine in New Britain, we help clients throughout Connecticut stop creditor harassment and eliminate their debts through bankruptcy.

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If you have substantial assets, or don't qualify for Chapter 7, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an effective way to protect your property while discharging your debt. Under Chapter 13, all of your debts are reorganized into a repayment plan that lasts anywhere from three to five years. During that time, you will make monthly payments to a bankruptcy trustee who will disburse those payments among your creditors. Creditors typically only get paid pennies on the dollars owed. After the plan ends, any remaining debt will be discharged.

Our lawyers help clients eliminate their debts, protect their properties and save their homes through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process.

​Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy halts foreclosure. Depending on where you are in the foreclosure process, filing for bankruptcy will allow you to stop a foreclosure sale, strip second mortgages and home equity loans and keep your home.

Stop Creditor Harassment And Eliminate Your Debt

Many individuals don't have bank accounts for fear their creditors will seek bank executions and seize their funds. The moment you file bankruptcy your bank accounts, wages and other property is safe. Creditors no longer have the power to get bank executions and take large lump sums of money out of your accounts or contact your employer to garnish your wages.

​At the Law Offices of Levine & Levine, we stop creditor harassment, prevent lawsuits and discharge our clients' debts through the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Together, we will eliminate your debts so you can start fresh and begin leading a normal, debt-free life.

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